Published May 17, 2019 | Conservation, Environment, Wildlife

Wildlife conservation and Protecting Wildlife are ongoing efforts. The impact of human development on wildlife and natural processes has been extensively researched, and it clearly shows that many species just can’t keep up or adapt to it. It’s easy to forget that we share the environment with countless other species.

Here are some more compelling reasons why we should protect our wildlife:



natural medicine


We owe it to Mother Nature for providing us with a cure for many diseases that have plagued human civilization. We’ve had breakthroughs in medical research by studying plants, animals, and microorganisms. These have helped both directly and indirectly with insight into how to cure our illnesses.


Examples for design

Nature has always been an inspiration for human design. It makes sense since our wildlife friends have had time to adapt and evolve far longer than we have. Engineers and inventors often mimic nature’s designs. For example, airplanes designed like birds, or submarines designed like deep-sea fishes.


Cultivating plants




Animals and plants have had time to work together and provide us with the food resources that we’ve taken for granted. Insects, bats, birds and binturong, among other animals, all work together to help play a role in cultivating the crops and other resources humans benefit from and consume.


Food resource


fresh fruit protecting conservation


An obvious reason to preserve wildlife is that they are one of our primary sources of food. Animals and marine animals all provide us with food for consumption.


Research for pest-resistant strains

Wild plants have evolved and adapted to fight off diseases and pests, which is valuable knowledge for humans to utilize in protecting our own plants, crops and other food resources.


Future generation

The ultimate goal for wildlife conservation is to ensure our future generations have the same access and invaluable resource as we have. In the grand scheme of things, the conservation of wildlife ensures the survival of the human race.

Here at Bali Safari Park we’ve conducted breeding programs and conservation efforts to preserve the endemic species in Bali, as well as Indonesia. We’ve successfully made breeding programs for the Bali Starling, White Rhinos and, more recently, rescued and rehabilitated a baby Orangutan that was found stowed away in a cage and detected by Indonesian Customs.

Come visit us at Bali Safari Park to learn more about our different conservation programs, educational live shows, and other activities for you and your family.