Taman Safari Bali's Schedules

Day Safari: 9.00 AM - 5.30 PM
Night Safari: 6.00 PM - 9.00 PM (Locket ticketing close at 8 PM)

Check out our schedules below to start planning and get exploring!

Activities and Safari Journey

Safari Journey09.00 - 17.15 (Duration: 30 Minute)Everyday (last tram: 17.15)Toraja Terminal
Animal Presentation 110.15 - 10.35EverydayHanuman Stage
Big Cat Presentation11.00 - 11.20EverydayHarimau Amphitheater
Elephant Presentation 111.35 - 12.00EverydayKampung Gajah
Varuna Show (for Varuna package)12.30 - 15.00Tuesday - SundayVaruna Stage
Bali Traditional Market13.00 - 13.45EverydayKampung Bali
Big Cat Presentation 214.00 - 14.20EverydayHarimau Amphitheater
Bali Agung15.00 - 16.00Tuesday - SundayBali Agung Theatre
Animal Presentation 216.00 - 16.20EverydayHanuman Stage
Elephant Presentation 216.30 - 16.55EverydayKampung Gajah


Elephant Activities

Elephant Encounter at Mara09.00 - 10.00EverydayMara River Safari Lodge, Hotel in Bali Safari
Elephant Parade09.30 - 10.30Weekend OnlyRanthambore - Toraja - Canyon - Main Terminal - Main Gate - Macan Baru
Elephant Encounter at Kampung Gajah10.00 - 16.00EverydayKampung Gajah
Elephant Safari Session 110.00 - 13.00EverydayKampung Gajah
Elephant Safari Session 213.30 - 17.00EverydayKampung Gajah
Elephant Bathing14.00 - 15.00EverydayGanesha Court

Animals Encounter

Baby Orangutan at Playground12.30 - 15.30EverydayBanyan Court
Bird Encounter at Banyan Court09.30 - 16.00EverydayBanyan Court
Binturong Encounter12.00 - 14.00EverydayJunction
Iguana Encounter at Petting Zoo13.00 - 15.00EverydayPetting Zoo
Snake Encounter at Ranthambore13.00 - 15.00EverydayRathambore


Feed the Predators14.00 - 16.00EverydayJunction
Piranha Feeding (Under Maintenance)10.00 - 12.00Fresh Water Aquarium
Feeding at Petting Zoo10.00 - 16.00EverydayPetting Zoo
Meerkat Feeding & Encounter11.00 - 15.00EverydayNkuchiro
Giraffe Feeding11.00 - 15.00EverydayNkuchiro
Pecuk Padi, Jaguar, Herbivore + Turtle, Otter & Pigmy Hippo Feeding11.00 - 16.00EverydayRainforest Trail
White Tiger Feeding & Encounter12.00 - 15.00EverydayRanthambore
Koi Feeding13.00 - 15.30EverydayUma Pond
Croc Feeding13.00 - 16.00Thursday- SundayBanyan Court

Recreation Site

Fun ZoneTimeFrequencyLocation
Spinning Coaster, Flume Ride10.00 - 17.00EverydayFun Zone
Water Play10.00 - 17.00EverydayWater Play Zone

*The activities schedules are subject to change or cancellation due to weather circumstances and on the condition of our animals.