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Browse to see all the animals that we have given a loving home to here in the Bali Safari Park. Our Park is at the front-line of wildlife conservation in Indonesia. We are actively involved in ensuring the future survival and well-being of many Indonesian animal species. Get up close and personal with our animals at Bali Safari for a fun, adventurous, and educational Safari Journey!

You can watch them roaming freely in their natural designed habitat while you are hopping on our special Bus for a Safari Journey! This bus literally transports you right to their natural habitats where you can spot deer, African hippos, and wildebeests roaming freely. Our park is designed so you can watch them closely, you will get to interact and play with the gang of meerkats, get to experience feeding the giraffe with your hands, and many more!

Now that you've met our magnificent tigers, intelligent elephants, majestic lions, dangerous hippos, and social rhinos - give these animals below some love!

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Baby Hippo




Barn Owl


Baby Hyena



White Tiger


Black Jaguar

Babi Rusa (Pig Deer)

Pygmy Hippo


Jalak Bali


Spotted Deer

Did You Know ?

A zebra's stripes act like an equine fingerprint - each individual’s pattern is unique. Foals recognise their mothers by the pattern of their stripes, as well as by scent and call.