Published September 20, 2019 | Animals

When talking about large land mammals, we often think of Elephants, Giraffes or perhaps maybe the great Apes such as the Orangutan. How about this time we turn our attention to Hippos and Rhinos; how much do you know about them? What makes the Rhinos and Hippos so interesting? Read more to find out!


Hippos are one of the most aggressive animals in the world


hippos bali


They may seem docile from a distance but they are highly aggressive, especially when you get near their infants or their habitat. In fact, Hippos are often considered to be the most ferocious and aggressive animals in Africa.

In contrast, Rhinos are less aggressive and are actually more solitary animals. Males prefer to go about their days alone, unless during mating or fighting. Females also display similar tendencies of being solitary except when they are with their calves.


Both are herbivores

Yes, despite their immense size, both Hippos and Rhinos are herbivores. Hippos will generally leave their waters at dusk and travel up to 10km to graze on short grasses. They are known to consume up to 68kg of grass each night.

Rhinos also graze on short grasses; in fact, the structure and shape of their lips are ideally suited for grazing on grass. They consume up to 50kg of grass in order to sustain their massive bodies.


Hippos can’t swim, neither can Rhinos


rhino bali safari park


The latter is rather obvious; Rhinos have never been seen in the water.

But Hippos? Well they actually can’t swim either! They love being in the water because it protects their skin from the Sun, but they actually just walk or stand on the sandbanks just below the water’s surface. They can however hold their breaths for up to 7 minutes which lets them stay underwater for short periods of time, before having to resurface again – which they are able to do automatically, even while asleep!

So, what do you think? Did you know about these facts before reading? We’ve got some more interesting and obscure facts to show you at Bali Safari Park!