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The word rhinoceros is derived through Latin from the Ancient Greek, which is composed of rhino, "nose" and keras, "horn". There are five living species of Rhinoceros. The two African species, the white rhinoceros, and the black rhinoceros. Meet them at Taman Safari Bali.


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Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis)

The main difference between black and white rhinos is the shape of their mouths – white rhinos have broad flat lips for grazing, whereas black rhinos have long pointed lips for eating foliage. Then we have the three Asian species, The Indian rhinoceros the Javan rhinoceros and The Sumatran rhinoceros.


HABITATSavannas to dense forests in tropical and subtropical regions
HEIGHTLength: about 3.1 to 3.2 meters
WEIGHT700 – 1,000 kg
LIFESPAN40 to 50 years
THREATSPoaching and habitat loss

Rhinoceroses are, generally, solitary animals that prefer to live an independent life. White Rhinos tend to be a little more social. However, they all demand their own territories, particularly the males of the species. In order to ensure that they can secure their territory, certain behaviour has been established. This behaviour is sometimes aggressive and sometimes displayed merely as a warning.

All types of Rhino are herbivores, meaning they strictly feed upon vegetation. Their diet doesn't require them to hunt, hence they spend most of their time browsing and/or grazing through their natural habitat in search of plants and grasses.

Bali Safari has successfully done a breeding program for White Rhino from Africa. Born in 2015, she is a healthy little beauty called Pembe. Visitors can now see her and her mother on the Safari journey.

Other than the African Rhino, Taman Safari Indonesia is also active in Indonesian Rhino conservation program. Indonesia has 2 types of Rhino; Sumatran Rhino has two horns and Javan Rhino has one horn. Both are critically endangered based on IUCN's RedList. Taman Safari Indonesia established an in-situ conservation facility and released two Sumatran Rhino in Way Kambas National Park in Lampung.

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Did You Know

There are five different species of rhino today. These are the Black, White, Javan, Sumatran and Indian rhinos.