Park Map

Let's unveil the park map and discover the wildlife on our Safari. We home hundreds of the world’s most exotic animals representing over 100 species – there’s so much to see and do! Start exploring today and discover our mesmerizing wildlife and attractions in our downloadable park map. See our park Map. Get ready & prepare yourself!


Park Map

Safari Journey

Get ready for an adventure into the wildlife realm! Ride in the Safari Journey, and explore the open safari! Venture through different animal habitats and close encounters with more than 100 animal species!

Elephant Safari

The Elephant Back Safari offers a breathtaking & educational experience from the back of our friendly Elephants through the African-themed safari led by our trained handlers.

You can have this activity when you purchase our VIP Rhino Package

Bring sunglasses, sunblock and comfortable shoes to maximize your comfort.

Fun Zone

After an adventurous day at Safari Park, let's boost your adrenaline at the Funzone. Enjoy some awesome rides to make your day more exciting!

Water Play Zone

Cool off in the crystal clear waters at our Waterpark!

Complete with water slides, and pools for both adult and children, the Waterpark is a great place relax while you enjoy your favorite beverage at the pool café.

Elephant Educational Presentation

An educational show where our gentle giants connect with the audience through a story about the importance of maintaining harmony between humans and nature.

Animal Educational Presentation

Get close and learn about the animal personalities with our Safari Rangers in Bali Safari Park!

Join us at the Hanoman Stage as we share fun facts and interesting stories about the animals at this exciting educational animal show!

Tiger Educational Presentation

Join us at the Harimau Amphitheater as we showcase the Tiger's amazing natural abilities in the wild!

Learn also about our conservation efforts to preserve the Tiger, as well as the conflict between humans and Tigers.

Bali Agung Show

Featuring perfomances of more than 150 Balinese dancers, the Bali Agung Show is a showcase of rich Balinese culture, presented with mordern state-of-the-art lighting and sounds setup.

Experience this magical theatrical performance in Bali Safari Park!

[NEW] Varuna: Underwater Dining

Indonesia's First Underwater Theatrical Dining Experience (December 23)

Animal Encounter (Orang Utan)

Don't forget to stop by the Orangutan Animal Encounter at the Banyan Court to meet and take photos with Chloe and Niluh, our resident Orangutans!

Animal Encounter (Binturong)

Have you met Missy? She's our friendly neighborhood Binturong here in Bali Safari Park!

Take photos with Missy at the Binturong Animal Encounter!

She's located next to the Ranthambore, across the Harimau Amphitheater!

[NEW] Rainforest Trail

The Rainforest Trail is a winding path that takes visitors through a dense forest teeming with life. As you make your way through the trail. You’ll come across a diverse range of animals. From majestic black jaguar, flamingo, wallaby, and otter to playful gibbons and cheeky macaques.


Elephant Bathing

Witness the Elephant Bathing with our Park Rangers!

This is your chance to get close encounters, and also hand feed the Elephants at Bali Safari Park!

Bali Starling Aviary

Meet the rare and elusive Bali Starling!

With its stunning white and blue coat, the Bali Starling serves as the regional mascot of the island of Bali!

Learn about our conservation efforts of the Bali Starling and our breeding program at the Aviary.

Ranthambore White Tiger

Enter the realm of Ranthambore, an ancient Indian Fort in Rajasthan and the home of the elusive White Tigers and Reptiles where vistors can get up-close and watch their way of life!

Petting Zoo

Welcome to the Petting Zoo!

Together with our animal keepers, meet and interact safely with our friendly animals that includes
Goats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Iguanas, Cockatoos, Turtles and the Albatross!

Museum Gajah

Learn all about the history and stories of our gentle giants (the Elephants) at the Museum Gajah.

Also, don't forget to stop by the Kampung Gajah and learn about how we recycle the Elephant's poo into paper!

We promise it's clean and environmental friendly!

Mara River Safari Lodge

Experience an immersive, safari-inspired resort featuring open air terraces and panoramic views of the animals in the safari! All located within the grounds of Bali Safari and Marine Park!

Mara Spa

Make a stop at the Mara Spa to refresh your energy after go around the park.

Tsavo Lion Restaurant

Share a table with the pride of Lions in Bali Safari Park!

Enjoy delectable cuisines prepared by our in-house chefs as you marvel at the Lions through large full-length glass panels surrounding the restaurant!

Uma Restaurant

Delight your taste buds with the delicious cuisines at the Uma Restaurant! This ethnic-themed dining venue, serves your favorite Asian and International menus, as well as local specialities - all cooked and freshly served by our in-house Chefs!

Hanuman Cafe

Grab some snacks or drinks before the animal show at the Hanuman Cafe!

The Hanuman Cafe is also the perfect stop for those wanting a quick bite in between shows & exhibits as it is located centrally in Bali Safari Park!

Warung Desa

The Warung Desa is the perfect place to get water, snacks and other beverages as you walk past the Petting Zoo and in between animal shows.

Barong Café

Need a cup of coffee, or maybe a dessert before heading to the next exciting show?

Take a short detour to the Barong Cafe, conveniently located in the Barong Terminal!

Big Cat Café

Grab some snacks and drinks before you head into the Tiger Show at the Big Cat Cafe!

Café Siki

Looking for some snacks to munch on, or drinks while you wait to get inside Bali Safari? or your shuttle back home?

The Café Siki is there to satisfy your craving!

Warung Gajah

Heading to the Elephant Show?

Stop by for a quick bite at the Warung Gajah!

Bali Marine Park - Opening Soon

Stay tuned while we prepare the next exciting chapter - the Bali Marine Park!

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Jungle Cruise
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Flume Ride

  • Ensure to start your day early for your Safari Journey - we want you to have time to experience our other amazing park highlights!

  • Keep track of our show schedule to avoid missing our exciting educational and cultural attractions!

  • The adventure doesn't end when you leave, find fun Safari gifts & souvenirs to take home from our Safari Wonder merchandise stores and Bali Market.

  • Get wet and wild in our Waterpark and dare yourself to try thrilling rides in our Fun Zone and Tumbler Ridge attractions!

  • View and print pictures of you posing next to cute baby animals at our photo print stations.

Safari Experience