Indonesia is home to a diverse species of beautiful birds. Many of the birds found in Indonesia have evolved to live in the tropical climate and lush terrain of Southeast Asia.

Birds of Indonesia Peafowl
Peafowl ( Burung Merak )

Peafowl Birds

Locally referred to as the Merak Bird, or more commonly the peafowl, this beautiful bird is famous for its glorious and extravagant feathers. These birds are endemic species that is found in the Javanese Islands of Indonesia.

They are naturally forest dwelling birds that feed on the ground, and nest on the ground, but roost up in the safety of the trees.

Perhaps the most iconic feature of these birds is their mesmerizing plumage. The male green peafowl has a stunning mix of emerald green, blue and gold colors adorning its feathers.

These plumage are raised like a gigantic fan to be displayed during mating season to attract the peahen, their female counterparts.

Their tails have also captured the imagination of humans since the time of the Roman Empire.

Historically, the peacock along with swans and other unusual foul were consumed in medieval Europe by the privileged as a sign of wealth and class, when the lesser people were eating chickens or more common birds.


Birds of Indonesia Bali Starling
Bali Starling ( Jalak Birds )

Bali Starling

The starling is a special bird endemic to the island of Bali, Indonesia. They are locally known as the Jalak Bali, and were originally found in the northwestern parts of Bali in an area called Curik.

Other names the bird is designated with is the Bali Starling or Rothchild’s Starling, with the latter attributed to the British Bird expert who discovered the starling in 1911.

Visually, the starling bird has soft white feathers with striking blue marks around their eyes, black wing tips and a plume of feathers adorning their heads. The males and females are identical, with the males just slightly larger in size.

It is estimated that there are approximately less than 100 Bali Starlings in the world due to deforestation and poaching. With these numbers the Bali Starling is critically endangered in the wild.

Fortunately Bali Safari Park has taken the initiative and has successfully rehabilitated the starling under a conservation program. Other preservations efforts include the West Bali National Park located on the northwestern tip of Bali in the Prapat Agung Peninsula, where the surrounding coastal waters are dedicated to conservation.

Nusa Penida island and the Bali National Park are also proponents in helping to preserve the bird. In addition, recently launched in 2017 is the Bali Starling Aviary which aims to protect the Jalak Bali, and other endemic species such as the Asian Glossy Starling, Oriental Magpie Robin Green Pigeon and the Zebra Dove.


Birds of Indonesia Cendrawasih
Birds of Paradise ( Cenderawasih )

The Cendrawasih

The Paradisaea, or famously known locally as the Cendrawasih bird. These birds have long been a culturally significant bird to Indonesia. The bird has been revered to have mystical properties due to its beautiful feathers and are often used as decorations for cultural ceremonies.

Cendrawasih translates to Bird of Paradise in Indonesian, and has rightfully earned its designation from the extravagant and colorful features all over its body.

Their vibrant feathers range from yellow, blue, red and green. This feature is reserved for the males in order to attract the females during mating season.


Birds of Indonesia Kakatua
Cockatoo ( Kakatua )

Kakatua Birds

The Cockatoo, which is widely known in Indonesia as the kakatua, is a sentimental bird that has its roots deep in traditional Indonesian culture. The bird is famous for its reference in the “Burung Kakatua”, a children folktale song that is taught to almost anyone growing up in Indonesia.

This iconic bird is easily distinguishable by its vibrant sulphur-colored crest on top of its head. The crest naturally raises and lowers depending on the condition and state of the bird.

A raised crest means they are showing off their physical prowess and heightened senses, while a lowered crest means they are relaxed and approachable.

Where you can see these birds?

Bali Safari Park is a dedicated proponent in the conservation of endangered species all around the world.

That includes all the majestic birds listed in our article here, and many other species found in the park such as the black rhinoceros and hippopotamus.

We would love to have you visit the park and meet the extraordinary animals we care for!