Published January 21, 2022 | Animal Knowledge, Animals, Birds, Conservation, Endangered

Did you know that Bali Safari Park is home to one of the most beautiful birds in the world, the Paradisaea or locally known as the Cendrawasih?

Normally found in Papua, Eastern Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand, Cendrawasih is the Indonesian word for “Bird of Paradise”.

Cendrawasih The Bird of Paradise

Physical Description

Normally, the length of a Cendrawasih reaches up to around 13 inches. Known for its extravagantly gorgeous feathers extending from the beak, wings or head, Cendrawasih also have long bills and strong feet.

It has different colors all over its body, ranging from yellow and blue to red and green. However, the beautiful feathers are common properties of the male species only, as they need them for mating, to appeal to the female birds.

The male birds will show off their wide and striking feathers, while dancing a graceful courtship movement to charm the heart of the females. In contrast, the females’ feathers lack in color. They have dull feathers to protect them when laying eggs and raising their young ones.  

Most Cendrawasih are polygamous, although some also mate for life. Interestingly, monogamous male Cendrawasih are dull in color just like the female.

Myth Surrounding the Bird

Local tribes have long believed that Cendrawasih has mystical properties. Hence, their feathers are used as decoration for heads and clothes during local cultural ceremonies.  

Cendrawasih Bird of Paradise

Conserving the Bird of Paradise

Notable for its beautiful feathers, unfortunately they are constantly a target of illegal hunting and is nearly on the edge of extinction. They being killed by arrow, taken to be sold in malls or hotels openly for their feathers.

Besides, to be kept as a pet causing many people want to trade this beautiful birds. In Jakarta, one bird can be sold even more expensively, compared to the ones in Papua, ranging up to USD 600.

Although still using Cendrawasih’s feathers as a local ceremonies, trading has been banned by the Indonesian government. Unfortunately, not strictly enough, since the demand is still high.

Bali Safari Park has played a major part in the conservation of endangered species, including the Cendrawasih. Visit the park to get up close with this stunning bird and other wild animals from around the world.