Conservation at Bali Safari

Taman Safari Indonesia established the first Elephant Conservation Centre at Way Kambas to rehome displaced elephants, and most recently set up two facilities with international partners, the world's first Elephant Hospital in Way Kambas and the Elephant Clinic at Tesso Nilo

Taman Safari Indonesia established the Sumatran Tiger Breeding Centre at Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua - Bogor, home to rescued wild Sumatran tigers, some of which are handicapped as a result of traps and snares.

Banteng Artificial Insemination Monitoring
Sumatran Tiger Rescue & Release

Animal welfare is one of our core values and for TSI, it is based on the '5 domains model of animal welfare', as prescribed by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). This involves ensuring that the animals in our care are able to fulfill both their physical and mental needs, which translates into a positive welfare state for the animals.

At Bali Safari Park, we have a number of Animal Presentations all with a common theme, namely to share stories that entwine Balinese culture, Wildlife Conservation and basic animal facts.

The stories that we tell include human-elephant conflict in Sumatra (Elephant Show); the plight of tigers due to hunting, habitat encroachment and consumption in Asian medicines (Big Cat Show). The broader theme for all these presentations is man's destructive relationship with the natural world and how we hope to stop and reverse the decline of wild animal populations.

Big Cat Show

The tigers in the Big Cat Show are not deprived of food in order to elicit show behaviors and performance. All our animals receive a daily balanced diet based on modern zoo nutrition recommendations and scaled according to their body weight.

Elephant Show

The commentary on the scene from the elephant show is a gross misrepresentation of the presentation dynamic. The elephant is not ‘being forced at rifle point to lie down’ rather the elephant and actor together are performing a scene, this scene and the whole show highlights the story of human - elephant conflict in Sumatra and sends a strong message of elephant conservation to our visitors.

Elephant Rides

All the elephants at our park involved in elephant rides are provided with a balanced daily routine that allows for rest, feeding and drinking. They are always maintained in groups to allow for natural social interaction. They follow a schedule that is strictly maintained allowing for appropriate rest periods.

Bali Starling Conservation Program

This endemic bird species of Bali, Indonesia can only be found in the lowland forest, west
coast of Bali, at West Bali National Park. In 2001, there were only 5 of this medium size bird,
with snowy white plumage and black wing tips. It was...[ ]

Conservation in action