The term “wildlife” includes not only wild animals, but also all living things. Those are including birds, insects, plants, and even microscopic organisms which play important role in the ecosystem.

bon bon orangutan cared by bali safari

Sadly, many of the wildlife are gradually crowding up the endangered list. It is solely due to habitat loss, illegal poaching, hunting and so on. If there are no stringent actions to save them, the extinction will have a fatal impact on the human race as well.

As a firm supporter of wildlife conservation, Bali Safari Park will invite all of you – altogether. We will walks you through a number of reasons why we should protect the wildlife in nature!

Bring Forward Biodiversity


Biodiversity – or biological diversity embracing all the different kinds of life you’ll find in one area.

Separating wildlife from their natural habitat will inevitably bring disastrous results. If one species goes extinct, the entire food chain will be disrupted – affecting all species. Otherwise, if a species increases in number, it can adversely affect the ecological unbalance.

If carnivores become extinct, the number of herbivorous animals will increase, leaving an unbalanced ecosystem.

Agricultural Concerns

Human’s life mostly depends on agricultural produce to fulfil the food needs and much more. Are you aware that wildlife plays a significant role in the growth of the plants?

The birds and insects all have roles as to how pollination occurs. They will help transferring the pollen grains from the male flower to the female flower, which then produces seeds. Can you imagine in case all of those insects and birds reducing in numbers?

The Role of Prosperity


Imagine if there are no forest, no ecosystem, and no wildlife anywhere. Where will you, your kids, and future generations will go to just solely refreshing mind? Where will the anglers go if there are no fish left in lakes and rivers?

With humans interfering nature excessively, it would be a problem even if we wanted to simply have the recreational option. Imagine being able to only show the wonders of nature through books and photos?

Let’s understand better about the conservation efforts here at Bali Safari Park. As a home to over than thousand amazing animals, not only us, but we altogether surely can protect the wildlife!