It’s definitely common for you to know about the carnivores, as your teacher often mention about it while in class. Usually, carnivorous identical with their sharp and strong teeth – undoubtedly because they are meat lovers!

lion animal in bali safari night

Don’t ever think it is impossible to meet them closer, Bali Safari Park will make it happen for you! But before that, let’s learn together what kind of carnivores you can meet here through Feed The Predator activity.



They are the number one carnivores in Africa, very famous with a majestic mane and big roar. On the wild, they tend to lives in group called “Pride”, consist up to fifteen males & females.

They are a great hunter – preys almost all the meat-rich animals like deer, wildebeest and many more! In terms of hunting, female lions are always looking for prey while males guard the territory.

Through Feed The Predator activities in Bali Safari Park, you can feed them a meat nose-to-nose. They may seems lazy but you must be wary and stay alert!


harimau benggala

Tiger – this wild feline actually one of the largest members of the cat family. Different from the Lion, Tiger is a solitary animal that likes to live alone, including looking for prey. They love to eat deer, pigs, buffalo and attack anything that bothers them!

You will realize that the pattern on their body have a function as a way to camouflage when catching prey. They also a good swimmer, hiding in the water to ambush their prey who is drinking on the edge.

Inside the tram while do Feed The Predator, the tigers will welcome you and jump up right over the tram! Don’t be surprise if the tigers and lions are only 20 cm from your body. Adding by that, the breath from their nose will hit your face as well!


Feed The Predator available every day at 2-4 pm – but not included in the regular admission price. You can purchase an extra charge when buy an entrance ticket at the front counter or it can also be inside the park.

Try experience various activities you can’t find anywhere else at Bali Safari Park. Meet the carnivores closer may can change your point of view of the wilderness!