Published February 13, 2019 | Activities, Animals

If you’ve ever had a pet or observed animals, you’ve probably noticed that some animals are more active during the day and some during the night. Just like humans, animals have evolved to adopt a preference for when they want to be active.


What are Nocturnal Animals?
Photo Source : Geran de Klerk

What does it mean to be Nocturnal?

Nocturnal is a behavior of an animal that becomes active during the night time and sleeps during the day. Due to their activity in the night, nocturnal animals have evolved to develop certain features that help them survive in low-light conditions at night.

These traits can include heightened sense of smell, hearing or eyesight. The most common example would be bats, and how they have a heightened sense of hearing and navigate by echolocation.

Another example would be Owls, and how they have adapted their eyesight to see much better in the dark.


What are Nocturnal Animals?
Photo Source : Markus Knoll

Why Nocturnal?

There are many theories as to why nocturnal behavior exists in animals. Some scientists believe that nocturnality is a form of adaptation or evolution for animals to survive in the wild. For example, both owls and hawks hunt in the same field for rodents.

If they both hunted during the daytime they would have to compete with each other, threatening to drive one or the other to extinction. Therefore, the owl has evolved to become a nocturnal hunter to avoid competing directly with the hawk.

Other reasons an animal may be nocturnal is to help them hunt for their prey. The lion for example prefers to hunt at night because many of their prey such as the zebra, antelope and wildebeest have poor night vision.

The same goes for preys, some rodent are nocturnal because the birds that hunt them are mostly hunt during the day time.


What are Nocturnal Animals?
Night Safari at Bali Safari Park

Where to see the Nocturnal Animals?

You can witness the different kinds of nocturnal animals yourself after dark in the Night Safari at Bali Safari Park. You’ll notice that animals that are intrinsically nocturnal will become more engaging and alive at night.

The lethargic lions that you see during the day suddenly roam around searching for prey, bats that are usually hidden from sight can be seen flying about in the park. If you haven’t experienced it yet you definitely should list it in your agenda.

Bali Safari Park has numerous animals that are naturally nocturnal. Don’t hesitate to ask our Park Rangers to help you locate them in the dark. Make sure you make time to visit them in the Night Safari!