Published August 16, 2019 | Activities, Animal Knowledge, Animals

Think about your childhood, what were some of your happiest memories growing up? If you’ve ever had a pet, chances are you’ll have really fond memories to hang on to as an adult. This is because being around animals have significant positive benefits for kids! The benefits of spending time with animals for kids aren’t just limited to physical, but also for mental and overall wellbeing and happiness. In this article, we’ll highlight the positive tangible benefits of spending time with animals for kids.


animals for kids



Children who spend enough time with animals, or have pets growing up, understand that animals have feelings too. Knowing this, kids will start to develop a sense of empathy, kindness, love and foster compassion with their pets, their friends and family. This compassion also translates to being more sensitive and careful with their animal friends because they know they are bigger than them. These positive qualities will carry on well into their adult life.



Kids who grow up being around animals will develop a sense of responsibility to take care of that animal like it was their own family. They’ll begin to understand the physical needs of the animal, such as having a clean bed, providing them with clean water and food. Managing these tasks overtime will foster a sense of responsibility that will carry on in their own life.



Learning boundaries, and respecting them is something that can be taught by spending time with animals. Pets are living creatures just like humans, and we develop relationships with them. Exposing kids to animals will allow them to develop this relationship with the animal, and also with themselves as well.


Bali Safari Educational Program




The team here at Bali Safari Park understand this, and we believe that facilitating early education about animals and wildlife conservation will instill long-lasting values that they will someday reciprocate in the community.

We hope this article has been useful and provided insight into the tangible benefits of spending time with animals for kids! Take your kids to the Petting Zoo here in Bali Safari Park to have the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the various different animals!