Published November 11, 2022 | Animal Knowledge, Animals, Conservation, Endangered, Wildlife

As its name, Lesser Birds of Paradise is a bird that is so beautiful like its come from heaven. Although still on “lower risk“ status, their number keep decreasing lately. The reason is due to loss of habitat, and being hunt for fulfill ceremonial needs of the local tribal population.


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Lesser Birds of Paradise (Paradisaea minor) are known to live in the lowlands to mountainous forest areas in eastern Indonesia. They inhabits area that have high stands and rather dense branches and there are several types of vines around them.


This beautiful bird has a various sizes, with length 32 cm and weighs approximately 183 – 300 g. It mostly resembles the larger greater bird-of-paradise. The male of that species has a dark chest, whereas the female is entirely brown (no whitish underparts).

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Known for their attractive appearance, usually the feathers of this bird are brightly colored. It is a combination of black, blue, yellow, red, brown, purple, green and white.

Diets & Behaviours

The daily diet of this bird is fruits, seeds, berries and arthropods. In the wild, the survival of animals is very depend on the natural conditions of the forest. It would be nice if we together protect nature for the survival of animals!

For the reproduction, they usually can hatches about 1-2 eggs, with 18-20 incubation period. Their activity starts from sunrise and begins to rest when the weather starts to get hot until the afternoon. As for their favorite behaviour, this bird is making sounds to attract the attention of the female.


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According to IUCN Red List, Lesser Bird of Paradise is on vulnerable status. The main threats to declining populations include hunting, catching liars, and the feathers also used to decorate hats.

It makes Bali Safari park take a step to maintaining the population through the conservations.

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