Published October 8, 2021 | Animal Knowledge, Animals, Conservation, Wildlife

Remember the First Hyena Baby Born in Bali Safari? – Female Hyena Baby Named Mooi Celebrates First Birthday!

On October 8, 2020, Bali Safari received happy news of the birth of the first healthy Hyena baby. As part of the Taman Safari Indonesia Group, Bali Safari Park became the first wildlife conservation institution in Bali to have this African native species.

mooi the baby hyena

The first female Hyena baby was named Mooi by Indonesian actress Jessica Iskandar. The word “Mooi” is taken from Dutch, which means beautiful. Mooi was born to parents Manama and male hyena Riffa.

Today, on October 8, 2021, Mooi celebrates her first birthday. This is a special moment and a source of pride for Bali Safari, as it successfully implements good wildlife conservation principles while prioritizing animal welfare.

Mooi, who started with a cute and adorable appearance, has now grown into a young female hyena. Mooi is very active and agile, easily curious about her surroundings, and loves chicken, red meat, and bones. According to the caring keeper, this young hyena can consume up to 1.5 kilograms of meat per day.

What Type of Hyena is Mooi?

The hyena at Bali Safari is of the Striped Hyena type, which is slightly smaller than the Brown Hyena. Other characteristics include a broad face with dark eyes, a thick snout, pointed ears, and front legs longer than the hind legs. Hyenas are not classified as dogs or cats, dear animal lovers!

The success of Mooi’s birth so far is undoubtedly due to the support of all animal lovers. To celebrate Mooi’s first birthday, we’re giving her a special gift of her favorite meat. We hope Mooi grows up and has a long life so that she can meet all the animal lovers. In addition to hyenas, you can also see other baby animals being well cared for at Bali Safari Park.

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