Bali Safari Marine Park
07 Nov 2011
Safari Poo Paper Factory, a Green Lifestyle

It’s OPEN NOW, Our Paper Factory!

Yes, you read that right. Bali Safari and Marine Park now has its own Paper Factory. Do we cut down our trees to make paper? Of course, not! With all the paper works done at our office, Bali Safari and Marine Park has big loads of used paper thrown away to the garbage every day. So why cut down trees if we can actually make papers out of (used) papers. And with simple waste management technology applied, we are mixing our office and animal waste and make paper out of them. By mixing together dung and used paper, we are actually making paper.

National Love of Flora and Fauna Day (Hari Cinta Puspa dan Satwa Nasional) held every November 5 in Indonesia is a perfect moment to actually accelerate our efforts in making the planet greener. We show our love to Mother Nature by opening Indonesia’s first dung paper factory; it’s called Safari Poo Paper Factory. Regent of Gianyar, Bali, Tjokorda Artha Ardhana Sukawati officially opened this environment-friendly factory and appreciated our effort, calling it an awesome innovation and a breakthrough.

Kids at Safari Poo Paper Factory

Children from local schools are invited to contribute in this event. Together, they planted the Tree of Hope, a Sandalwood tree decorated with papers written with hopes for a greener earth.

Besides promoting green lifestyle, Safari Poo Paper Factory is also fun. You can see the whole process of delivering raw dung into pretty recycled paper.

Passionate Australian zoo consultant, Wendy Husband, also our Education and Conservation Manager tells that the park now has programs in place for paper recycling, water conservation, and is very serious about composting. This is all in an effort to reduce the park’s environmental footprint and “everyone is feeling pretty good about the changes they have made.”


 “Taman Safari Indonesia is leading the way for wild life education and conservation, and is committed to save the environment for every living thing…”

Hans Manansang – General Manager of Bali Safari and Marine Park


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