Published April 11, 2024 | Activities, Celebrate, Conservation, Travel Tips

Captivating both local and international visitors, Taman Safari Bali stands out as a truly unique experience. Nestled in Gianyar, this park allows you to interact with a breathtaking array of wildlife in environments that mirror their natural habitats. But what truly sets Taman Safari Bali apart is its dedication to being a Muslim-friendly educational destination.

Muslim-Friendly Facilities

Mushola at Taman Safari Bali Muslim Friendly Destination

Beyond the thrilling encounters with exotic animals, Taman Safari Bali also prioritizes the needs of Muslim travelers. Prayer facilities with clean and well-maintained ablution (wudhu) areas are readily available, ensuring your religious duties can be practiced comfortably throughout your vacation. Worried about halal food options? Fear not! The park boasts a diverse selection of restaurants and cafes, such as UMA Restaurant and Tsavo Lion Restaurant, featuring delicious halal menus, allowing you to savor delectable cuisine without any concerns.

Muslim-Friendly Activities

liburan-puasaFurthermore, Taman Safari Bali goes above and beyond with captivating wildlife shows. They don’t stop there, though! The park also presents magnificent traditional shows like the Bali Agung and Indonesia’s first underwater theatrical experience, Varuna. These performances are meticulously scheduled to avoid prayer times, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted experience for Muslim visitors.

To celebrate Eid al-Fitr 1445H, Taman Safari Bali is hosting an interesting activities, including an eating competition for chicken opor (a traditional dish in Indonesia during Eid), as well as games, animal educational talks, face painting, and many more festivities.

Embracing Diversity

safari-gatheringTaman Safari Bali isn’t just about entertainment; it’s a haven for comprehensive wildlife education and environmental conservation. By fostering inclusivity for Muslim travelers, the park invites everyone to join the mission of preserving nature’s wonders.

For Muslim visitors, Taman Safari Bali isn’t just a vacation spot; it’s a testament to the park’s unwavering commitment to catering to diverse needs. Here, everyone can create unforgettable and meaningful memories, worry-free. Let’s plan your dream holiday now at and discover the thrilling adventures awaiting you at Taman Safari Bali!