Taman Safari Bali recently witnessed a special activity involving children from the Yappenatim. Orphanage, in an event called “World Tree Day”. The event not only brought the children together for fun but also instilled an educational feel and a spirit of environmental awareness. In this series of activities. The children are invited to explore the richness of nature, learn, play, and take concrete actions for a greener future.

Safari Journey: Adventures with Wildlife

The event started with Safari Journey, an unforgettable adventure where the children of Yappenatim orphanage could explore the natural habitat of wildlife. On this journey, they not only witnessed the beauty of nature and wildlife. But also given a deep understanding of the importance of maintaining the balance of the ecosystem and the need for the preservation of these animals.

After the Safari Journey, the event continued with Animal Education Presentation, Tiger Presentation and Elephant Presentation performances. This was not only entertainment, but also an opportunity to understand the importance of conservation and maintaining environmental sustainability. The animal keepers provided insights on conservation efforts and protection of endangered species.

World tree day : Funzone area

After soaking in the richness of nature and gaining knowledge. next, the Funzone’s turn to be the area of excitement. Here, The children of  Yappenatim orphanage can experience the thrill. It of guessing games, egg relay, and various other games in this area. They not only played, but also learned about teamwork, intelligence, and creativity.

Ranger Talk/CSR: Instilling the Spirit of Caring

The activity continued with the Ranger Talk/CSR session. Where the children gained further understanding of the importance of nature conservation and how each individual can contribute. They were encouraged to broaden their perspective on their role in preserving the environment.

World Tree Day: Tree Planting

The highlight of World Tree Day is the tree planting moment. The children of Yappenatim orphanage eagerly planted trees as a symbol of investment in a greener and more sustainable future. Each tree planted is not only a symbol of hope, but also tangible proof that every small action can have a big impact on the earth.

World Tree Day at Taman Safari Bali is not just an event. But, a real effort to provide valuable experiences and leave a positive mark in the lives of the children of the Yappenatim orphanage. Hopefully this moment can inspire them to live a more meaningful life, full of care for nature, and ready to contribute to environmental sustainability for generations.