Published March 16, 2022 | Animal Knowledge, Animals, Conservation, Endangered, Wildlife

Have you ever imagined that there are various animal have a large size and some even weigh up to 6 tons? Will you feel attracted or even afraid to see them? – Come take a look the top 3 enormous animals on the land!


What’s going on your mind when you hear the name of elephant? You’re right, they are animal that have a super big build, big ear and long trunk. The living species that currently recognizes are African Elephant and Asian Elephant.

The African Elephant can reach up to 3 meters high and weight up to 6 tons. That’s probably the main reason why they rank first as enormous animal that ever exist.

According to IUCN Red List, this mammal are listed as critically endangered. The poaching for their ivory, meat and hides has been one of the major threats to their existence.

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Rhinocheros, or known as Rhino is the second-largest mamals that live on land right after Elephant. This large herbivorous animal weigh up to 3 tons in adulthood. Rhino skin is thick with a size of up to 5 cm which is form from layers of collagen. Sadly, they have been the subject of rampant poaching and hunting due to his elusive horns.

Despite their short-sighted eyes, Rhinos have keen sense of hearing and smell. If you’re in the wild, don’t forget to run in a zig zag if you’re being chased by a rhino! No need to be wary, you can see this animal safely while on Safari Journey in Bali Safari Park.



The third one, which is yet included as enormous animal is Hippopotamus. They’re big, they’re river dwellers, and they’re adorably cute! That’s how you would describe them when you meet this beast right?

But surprisingly, in Africa this mamals often known as the number 1 killer because compared to lions and crocodiles, these animals attack humans more!

Adult hippos have weigh up to 2 tons and can run as fast as 30 km/h. They are herbivorous and can consume 68 kg of grass every night. But considering their huge size, this is not really a big amount of food. Sadly, their number keep declining due to habitat loss, hunting and poaching.

What do you think of them? – Have you met any of these 3 animals in the wild?