International Tiger Day: Spreading Awareness for Tiger Conservation

Tigers are majestic big cats that play a vital role in maintaining ecosystem diversity. As top predators in the food chain, they significantly contribute to the balance of wild populations.

tiger in bali safari night

Unfortunately, tigers face imminent threats of extinction due to habitat loss, hunting, and illegal trade of their body parts. Therefore, we commemorate International Tiger Day annually on July 29th to raise awareness about tiger conservation.

History of International Tiger Day

In 2010, several countries signed an agreement at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in Russia. The goal was to increase awareness about the declining tiger population and preserve their natural habitat. Thanks to International Tiger Day, public awareness and support for tiger conservation have significantly grown.

The Tigers of Indonesia

Bengal tiger

Following the extinction of Java and Bali tigers, Indonesia’s wild tigers now solely inhabit Sumatra. With less than 400 tigers left in Sumatra, they are critically endangered according to the IUCN Red List. Thus, urgent action is needed to protect this magnificent species. Bali Safari Park plays a significant role by conserving and caring for Bengal Tigers, which come from India.

How Bali Safari Park Celebrates International Tiger Day?

As the largest animal conservation institute in Bali, Bali Safari Park actively participates in celebrating the day. Firstly, they create and provide enrichment for the Bengal tigers living in the park. Moreover, to coincide with National Children’s Day, Bali Safari invites orphanages to join in making enrichments.

These enrichments include mystery boxes containing meat, fibrous coconut filled with meat, and fresh blood ice. Additionally, kids can draw and color freely on the enrichment boxes. Subsequently, the tigers enthusiastically eat the enrichments during their exercise at the Big Cat Show Amphitheater!

To raise awareness about the tiger’s existence, learn about tigers through books or the internet. Consequently, consider visiting an animal conservation institute like Bali Safari Park. Roarrrr, Happy Tiger Day!