Cow is the adult-females of Cattle which commonly easy to raise as a livestock. There are many types of cows that lives all over the world, and one of them is the white cow. In India – especially by Hindus people, the white cow often considered as a sacred animal. It is because this mammal has a prominent story in old Hindu mythology.

nandini the sacred cow statue
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Nandini statue, a symbol of a holy white cow has a long history relate to that. Let’s find out and evolve our knowledge about this certain culture!


The Meaning of Nandini

nandini statue
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Nandini in Sanskrit means “pleasant”, whereas known as fearless-cow. It is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity according to Bagawan Wasista.

It also commonly used as a girl’s name in India, with the hope that the given name will become strong. The name “Nandini” or “Andini” also often used as a girl’s name in Indonesia, which has a meaning of obedient.

The figures of Nandini often used as statues in Hindu temples, especially in temples that worship Lord Shiva.

As in Bali Safari Park, Nandini statue on display as you enter India area during Safari Journey. We would like to deliver that Nandini – the White Cow, have an important roles in India.


The Cow-Daughter of Kamadhenu

In the Mahabharata – the Sanskrit epic of ancient India – Nandini portrayed as the daughter of Kamadhenu.

Kamadhenu, “the cow of plenty” described as the mother of all cows and other cattle in Hinduism belief. She is honored by the Hindu veneration of cows, who are regarded her earthly embodiments.


A Sacred Symbol of Ngaben Ceremony in Bali

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As a vehicle of God Shiva, the symbol of Nandini also use as instrument for Pitra Yadnya ceremony in Bali.

On the series of Ngaben, there’s a ceremony called Memukur where the cow symbol will be led around the ceremonial area. Hinduism believe that the cow symbols will deliver the spirit (atman) to Shiva’s realm at swah loka.

There are so many lessons that we can take from various ancient mythologies. Not only animals, but also all living things have a very meaningful meaning in the world. Let’s learn about acculturation of culture and animals with Bali Safari Park!