Published October 19, 2018 | Animal Knowledge, Animals, Conservation

The Peacock of Indonesia, also known as the Merak Bird and often called the peafowl, is a very large and colourful bird. They are famous for their beautiful feathers, which sometimes rise upwards in all their glory. The Green Peafowl is a native Indonesian bird that lives in Java.

At Bali Safari Park, they have the honour of hosting this species.

Get to Know The Peafowl (Peacock) of Indonesia
Peafowl (Peacock) | Photo Source : (Samuel Zeller)

History of the Green Peafowl

The Green Peafowl has long been admired.  Since the Roman Empire, they were bred for food and for decorative reasons. Later, in Medieval Europe, they were also eaten, until turkeys became more popular. With people no longer desiring them for food, they continued to thrive in open nature.

Nowadays, the Green Peafowls live in the tropical and subtropical forests near sources of water.


Male and Female Green Peafowls

The male and female Green Peafowls differentiate quite a lot in appearance. The male ones can grow up to three meters tall, while the females only up to 1 meter.

Get to Know The Peafowl (Peacock) of Indonesia
The Green Peafowls (Peacock) | Photo Source : Bali Safari Park

The male Green Peafowl is a vivid emerald green with a tint of blue on the head and neck.  When it flies, it almost looks like a phoenix. While the female’s colour are a dull green with a small amount of grey.

Male Green Peafowls are polygamous. A male can be with more than one female at a time. During the breeding season, the male shows his train of feathers. He walks around the females and bows. At the same time, he releases a loud noise similar to a rooster.

When the eggs are laid, they are a pale yellow colour. It takes around 28 days to incubate the eggs.  A family of peafowl is called a “bevy”.

If you would love to see a real living Peafowl, you should come to Bali Safari Park and be amazed by this extraordinary animal. Don’t forget to join the Conservation Program to help other endangered animals.