Published March 27, 2024 | Activities, Animal Knowledge, Conservation, Wildlife

Taman Safari Bali x Bali Life Foundation at Suwung Community Center

Taman Safari Bali Goes to School: Spreading Knowledge and Kindness

Hi Safari Lovers! Taman Safari Bali Goes to School is a regular program that demonstrates our commitment to giving back to the community. This program perfectly aims to raise awareness, especially among the younger generation. Taman Safari Bali strives to demonstrate the importance of protecting and preserving nature and wildlife. Each month, Taman Safari Bali visits schools across the island of Bali to provide engaging and exciting educational activities for students.

In the spirit of Ramadan, a month synonymous with kindness and sharing, Taman Safari Bali is once again spreading joy through our #Let’sGoKindness campaign. In collaboration with the Bali Life Foundation, we visited the Suwung Community Center on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, to share the excitement with schoolchildren in the community.

The Suwung Community Center is one of Bali Life Foundation’s community service programs that focuses on empowering local communities with limited economic means. Located amidst the Bali landfill, the Suwung Community Center provides informal education for children and support for their families facing financial constraints.

Aligned with Bali Life Foundation’s noble mission of fostering hope, dignity, and purpose for the community at Suwung Community Center, Taman Safari Bali was there to bring a new sense of excitement to their lives.

Taman Safari Goes to School Activities

#Let’sGoKindness in Action: Sharing Wildlife Education with Suwung Community Center

Involving 100 students at the Suwung Community Center, the event started with an educational session about nature and wildlife delivered by the Taman Safari Bali team. Taman Safari Bali introduced the children to various animal species, their habitats, and how to conserve them. They also had the opportunity to play games and quizzes with prizes related to nature and wildlife. Their enthusiasm and joy were evident as they participated in each educational session.

Not only did we share through education, but in the spirit of #Let’sGoKindness, Taman Safari Bali also distributed stationery packages to the children present at the event to support their learning process.

“Today’s event was so much fun! I learned a lot about different animals and I’m excited to help protect them,” said Wayan, one of the students from Suwung Community Center. Indeed, throughout the event, Taman Safari Bali Goes to School was met with great enthusiasm by the children and teachers at Suwung Community Center. They were very happy with the education provided.

“On this special occasion of Ramadan, during the Taman Safari Goes to School event at Suwung Community Center, we hope that this activity can raise awareness among children in particular and the community in general about the importance of wildlife conservation efforts. We hope that this activity can be beneficial for everyone,” said Inneke Ficianirum, Head of Marketing at Taman Safari Bali.

Sharing kindness extends beyond material gifts, knowledge and compassion matter too. #Let’sGoKindness together, especially in Ramadan, filling our days with acts of kindness. Visit to learn more about our activities and wildlife conservation efforts at Taman Safari Bali.