Published March 31, 2024 | Activities, Celebrate, Family

Easter is a joyous occasion celebrated worldwide. Taman Safari Bali joins the festivities with vibrant cheer! Every year, the park undergoes a vibrant transformation into a colorful Sweet Easter wonderland. This attracts visitors from all corners, eager to share in the joy and excitement of the festivities.

A Showcase Bursting with Easter Egg-citement

Easter Celebration at Taman Safari Bali

This year, Taman Safari Bali presents a special showcase adorned with beautiful and captivating Easter-themed decorations for visitors. Additionally, located in front of the Ganesha Statue area, visitors can enjoy attractive decorations ranging from photo backdrops to colorful Easter egg ornaments and adorable displays. Moreover, the spirit of celebration fills every corner of the park, adding egg-citement for visitors who celebrate this moment with family and children at Taman Safari Bali.

Unforgettable Easter Eggs-periences

Easter Activities at Taman Safari Bali

The fun doesn’t stop there! On Easter day, the park transforms into a wonderland of activities designed to create unforgettable memories for visitors of all ages. Witness the thrill of the egg hunt near the majestic Ganesha Statue with around 50 childrens participated. Additionally, the park disperses captivating games and activities. Spin the wheel and indulge in face painting, cherished activities for enthusiastic visitors. Each activity is designed to create an unforgettable “eggs-perience” for everyone.

Moreover, beyond the games and activities, Taman Safari Bali has prepared informative and interactive talks focusing on the incredible variety of eggs laid by different species in the animal kingdom. Taman Safari Bali designs these educational talks to entertain and fascinate guests of all ages.

Eggs-plore the Park with Treats

Easter Treats at Taman Safari Bali

No celebration is complete without delicious treats! To sweeten your Easter adventure, the Taman Safari Bali team distributes Easter chocolates to visitors waiting at the Toraja Terminal for their Safari Journey. Additionally, they delight in the chocolates provided, which accompany them on a memorable “egg-venture” through Taman Safari Bali.

Make Unforgettable Celebration!

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