Published February 8, 2024 | Activities, Animal Knowledge, Conservation, Love

Safari Goes to School

A Unique Educational Program

Safari Goes To School is a unique animals educational program at Taman Safari Bali. In the same way designed to bring students closer to wildlife. While fostering awareness and conservation efforts. This initiative, presented in an engaging and fun learning model, aims to instill a sense of responsibility for wildlife among children and students.

Targeting students from Preschool to Senior High School, Safari Goes To School employs tailored materials and presentations. The program includes various captivating games that focus on animals and their conservation, becoming a favorite among participating students.

From Taman Safari Bali to Students

Animals educational program with Taman Safari Bali

Taman Safari Bali believes in the power of students as the driving force behind early conservation movements. By instilling a love for wildlife and knowledge of conservation practices from an early age, the hope is to create a brighter future for wildlife conservation.

Looking ahead, the goal is for Safari Goes To School to evolve into a leading program within Taman Safari Bali’s efforts to establish itself as a Conservation Institution. The vision is to provide diverse, interesting, and enjoyable education for the community.