Published December 8, 2022 | Animal Knowledge, Animals, Conservation, Wildlife

The mammals that we will discuss this time are different from other mammals, because they have scaly bodies. The animal is Pangolin!

Unfortunately, the existence of pangolins is being threatened due to rampant illegal trade. Let’s learn together about these scaly mammals so we can protect their populations in the wild!

Pangolins currently are rare animal now you can see them at Bali Safari Park

Scaly but not reptile?

Because of their scaly bodies, people often misinterpret and think of pangolin as reptiles. But actually, they are not a group of reptiles, but mammals. You know friends, they are the only mammals in the world that have scales!

Their scales are modified hair, composed of har and thick keratin that functions as shields or self-protection. When threatened, they will roll their body into a ball or injure the bully by wrapping their tail.

How They Catch Prey?

Teringling or pangolin catching prey
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Pangolins are mammals that eat ants and termites. With their strong claws, they will usually dig the ground in search of ants or termites.

This mammal has no teeth but a long, sticky tongue that serves to catch its prey. This tongue can extend up to a third of its body length to reach an ant nest!

It’s Endangered Existence

Many people believe that pangolin scales can be use as medicine. This myth makes pangolins hunted and traded illegally. This has caused their numbers to drop dramatically in the wild, and is now in Critical status according to the IUCN red list!

In Indonesia, the pangolin is a protected animal by the government. The legal sanction is in the form of a maximum imprisonment of five years and a maximum fine of one hundred million rupiahs.

Meet Them at the Bali Safari Park Conservation Institute

Pangolin now can see at Taman Safari Bali

To help preserve their populations in the wild, conservation organizations such as Bali Safari Park are trying to protect these unique animals. The pangolins that are conserve in Bali Safari Park are Sunda pangolins, which live in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

Because they are nocturnal animals, friends can meet them while doing Night Safari activities.

Bali Safari Park continues to work so that endangered animals can still exist and be sustainable for years to come. Come on, support Bali Safari Park in efforts to save wildlife!