Published March 21, 2022 | Activities, Animal Knowledge, Animals, Conservation, Wildlife

These two largest birds often known as the fastest birds alive on the planet. But to be more specifics, there’s a whole opposites habits if you observe them closely! – Which one is your favorite ace, Ostrich or Cassowary?

Cassowary in Bali Safari Park
Ostrich Bali Safari Park
Ostrich in Bali Safari Park

Know More About Them

The Ostrich is the largest bird alive that belongs to the Sruthionidae, while the Cassowary belongs to Casuariidae. Although known as birds, they can’t fly because of wing bones that are smaller than their body!

Have a native habitat in the savanna and deserts of North Africa, Ostrich are widely distributed in the tropics. However, they will rarely be found in Southeast Asia, even though there also have a tropical climate.


Meanwhile, Cassowaries can be found in the tropical rain forests and mountains of Papua. This animal is a territorial animal and lives permanently in one place.

Charming Features

Generally have a blackish gray color, Ostrich is known for their long legs and neck. This bird can weight up to 140 kg with neck length up 1 meter.

While so, the Cassowary have dominant rough black color with dark red or blue under their neck. Weight up to 60kg with 1.8 meters high, they also have “horns” on their heads that can grow about 18 cm.


More Facts

The fact that they both can run so fast (about 50km-70km/hour) makes them being the fastest birds on the planet!

Ostrich Bali Safari Park

Beside, Cassowary have three pointed toes, make them considered as the most dangerous bird that can threaten humans!

The Ostrich and Cassowary is a low-risk species according to the IUCN Red List. Their numbers keep decreasing in their habitat due to illegal hunting and poaching.


Well, it’s never too late to say that we can save this birds alive in their natural habitat! Bali Safari Park is the right choice for you to get involved in Animal Welfare and Conservation Program.

So, what’s your choice between these two birds? Whatever your choice, it is our must to always protect them so they can live happily for a long time!