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Oriental Small Clawed Otter Habitat

Oriental Small Clawed Otter “Aonyx Cinereus” are one of the semi-aquatic animals that can be find in the tropics. This species is native to the coastal areas of South and Southeast Asia including the islands of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Palawan.

This animal is one of the top predators in aquatic ecosystems. Therefore, its existence is a bio indicator of the condition of the surrounding environment.  This means that the area is still capable of supporting otter life. Whether it’s shelter, foraging, breeding, and no human disturbance.
Oriental Small Clawed Otter

Diet and Behaviors

The food varies seasonally, they are mainly feeds on crab and trichogaster fish. When and where available, he also catches snakes, frogs, insects, rats and field fish such as catfish, Anabas testudineus and Channa striata. The captured Asian small-clawed otter was observe leaving the shells out in the sun, where the heat caused them to open. That way, they consume the crustacean without breaking the shell.

Oriental Small Clawed Otter feeds
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The Asian small-clawed otter is mostly active after dark. It lives in groups of up to 15 individuals. They use grassy or sandy banks for resting, sun bathing and grooming. In marshes, they use mostly islands.


The Asian small-clawed otter has dark brown fur with a slight rust tinge on its back, but is much hairier underneath. Paws are narrow with short fingers that are webbed to the last joint. Females have four mammary glands. Head-to-body length ranges from 470 to 610 mm, with a body weight of 5.4 kg.Oriental Small Clawed Otter groups

As adults, they can breed all year round. After a gestation period of 68 to 72 days, the female gives birth to 1-6 babies. Usually, two puppies are born each year, 8 or 9 months apart. They have lifespan up to 12 years in human care, with some individuals living longer than 20 years.

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