Every year, on July 28th, the world commemorates World Nature Conservation Day to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our environment and natural resources. Amidst the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss, conservation efforts have become increasingly crucial. To celebrate this moment uniquely and engagingly, Taman Safari Bali presents “The Nature Conservation Met Gala.”

What is The Nature Conservation Met Gala?

The Nature Conservation Met Gala is a special event held as part of the World Nature Conservation Day celebration. Organized by Taman Safari Bali, one of Indonesia’s renowned safari parks, known for its strong commitment to environmental preservation and biodiversity conservation. The event aims to involve individuals from all walks of life, including micro and macro influencers, in broader efforts for conservation. By blending the prestigious concept of the Met Gala with conservation, it creates an extraordinary platform to voice essential messages about environmental sustainability.

Why the Nature Conservation Met Gala at Taman Safari Bali?

Taman Safari Bali has long been an educational hub for biodiversity and the importance of environmental conservation. By seamlessly combining style and conservation, this event seeks to extend the reach of environmental messages with an appealing and inspiring flair.

One of the main highlights of the event is the presence of micro and macro influencers from various fields. These influencers wield significant influence on social media and have a broad audience, allowing them to convey conservation messages to a larger public effectively.

What to Expect at This Event?

The event serves as a platform for environmentally-conscious influencers to collaborate and innovate in spreading inspirational and creative conservation messages through their content. Additionally, Taman Safari Bali has partnered with leading beauty and health brands, Make Over, and Nutrifood, to promote their products and advocate for environmental preservation.

During the this event, influencers participated in the “Naming the Baby Komodo Dragon” ceremony. The dragon was named “Maura,” an Irish word meaning “great and majestic,” by “Jegeg Bulan,” a local pride singer and Bali influencer. The hope is that Maura will grow into a magnificent and sustainable creature, far from extinction. Moreover, there was a Special Discussion on the nature conservation movement, followed by Ranger Talks & Animal Encounter, featuring our intelligent bird species.

Make Over also held a beauty talk segment, demonstrating their products. The final event was the “Safari Journey,” where influencers embarked on a tour to meet the animals using trem. All the participants enthusiastically welcomed these activities.

Taman Safari Bali Commitment to Conservation

Taman Safari Bali is dedicated to environmental conservation and preserving wildlife. Through this event, they aspire to inspire and engage more people in the efforts to protect biodiversity. As part of the World Nature Conservation Day celebration, this event serves as a reminder of the significance of safeguarding our planet for a sustainable future.

The Nature Conservation Met Gala at Taman Safari Bali is an extraordinary celebration of World Nature Conservation Day. In the spirit of collaboration, fashion, and conservation, let us all become pioneers of positive change for our environment and future generations.