Published June 16, 2021 | Animals, Birds, Conservation, Environment, Love, rescue, Wildlife

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Jerry the cockatoo remembers the face of the woman who rescued him years ago, without hesitation, he walked right towards her when she approached him gently. Monica Mohindra rescued Jerry when they were living in Jakarta and give Jerry to be taken care of by Taman Safari since she has to move abroad. 6 years have passed since the last meeting in 2015, but the bond and connection haven’t changed at all, it is still strong. That moment of reunion is heartwarming; all of us at Bali Safari were touched when we saw them together, full of joy and love. Yes, animals can feel love too, just like us humans do. And yes cockatoo can remember faces, especially Jerry with a special case in the past. They can love, and their love is true and sincere and it is our responsibility to keep them safe and healthy at all times.

Special note on cockatoo; Cockatoos are popular birds in aviculture, but their needs are difficult to meet. The cockatiel is the easiest cockatoo species to maintain and is by far the most frequently kept in captivity. White cockatoos are more commonly found in captivity than black cockatoos. Illegal trade in wild-caught birds contributes to the decline of some cockatoo species in the wild.