Taman Safari Bali is one of the famous tourist destinations on the Island of the Gods. Offering a unique experience to see various exotic animals in habitats that closely resemble their natural environments. Before you decide to visit this park, there are some important facts you should know to make your trip more engaging and smooth.

Taman Safari Bali is Part of the Taman Safari Group

Taman Safari Bali is one of the three locations owned by the Taman Safari Group, a company that operates safari parks in Indonesia. In addition to Taman Safari Bali, there’s also Taman Safari Prigen in East Java and Taman Safari Bogor in West Java. All of these safari parks are part of the Taman Safari Group. Provide an experience that combines entertainment, education, and wildlife conservation. By including this information, visitors will know that Taman Safari Bali is part of a larger network of safari parks.

The Largest Wildlife Conservation Place in Bali

Taman Safari Bali is the largest wildlife conservation place in Bali. Located in Gianyar, Bali, this park offers a unique experience of interacting with wild animals in environments that resemble their natural habitats. Covering an area of up to 40 hectares, this safari park is home to a wide variety of animals that you can enjoy, from tigers, giraffes, zebras to exotic birds.

Exciting Shows 

Taman Safari Bali also offers various interesting animal shows, such as wildlife educational presentation, tiger educational presentation, and elephant educational presentation. These shows not only provide entertainment but also highlight the conservation of wildlife and environmental protection. During the shows, visitors can learn about the lives of animals and the park’s efforts to preserve them. Make sure to check the show schedule in advance so you don’t miss the ones you want to see.

In addition to animal education presentation, you can also watch the Bali Agung Show. Which is open from Tuesday to Sunday. The Bali Agung theater show is an amazing cultural art spectacle. It is a performance that combines dance, music, and epic stories of Bali’s culture. You can experience the beauty and richness of Bali’s cultural heritage through this show.

Night Safari

Taman Safari Bali also offers an impressive Night Safari experience. When night falls, you can explore the park with knowledgeable guides who are familiar with the nighttime activities of the animals. This is an interesting way to see animals that are active at night, such as tigers and lions, in a different atmosphere.

Night Safari at Bali Safari Park

Exciting Recreational Facilities

This park has exciting recreational facilities as well. There is a Water Park suitable for families who want to have fun with water activities. It features swimming pools and various water slides for entertainment. Allowing you to relax while soaking in the water or playing with children. Additionally, there is a Fun Zone with various games like spinning coasters, water games, and more. It’s a perfect place for families with young children.

How about it, exciting and intriguing to both play and learn at Taman Safari Bali? You can book the admission tickets HERE.