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Animals egg size comparison

When it comes to animal eggs, size matters! Ostriches might seem unbeatable in the egg-size department, but believe it or not Safari Lovers, the title of “biggest animal egg ever laid” belongs to a feathered giant from the past. Can you guess who?

The Current Egg Champion: The Ostrich

Ostrich Chick in front of a white background

Among birds alive today, the undisputed king (or queen) of egg size is the ostrich. These giant flightless birds, native to the savannas and semi-arid regions of Africa, lay eggs that are truly massive. An ostrich egg can weigh up to three pounds and measure up to six inches long, making it about the size of a small cantaloupe! That’s over 20 times larger than a chicken egg!

The Extinct Egg Challenger: The Elephant Bird

However, the ostrich egg is dwarfed by the eggs of the elephant bird, a giant, flightless bird that roamed Madagascar until about 1,000 years ago. These behemoths were even larger than ostriches, and their eggs were colossal. Imagine an egg that could hold over two gallons of liquid, weigh up to 18 pounds, and was so big it would take over 180 chicken eggs to equal its volume!  Elephant bird eggs were so big that early human settlers in Madagascar are believed to have collected and eaten them.

Eggs-ceptional Adaptations


The large size of these eggs comes with some interesting adaptations. Ostrich eggs have a thick, strong shell to protect the developing chick from the harsh African sun and the dangers of the savanna. Elephant bird eggs likely had similar adaptations, along with perhaps even thicker shells to support their enormous weight.

While size is impressive, it’s important to remember that egg size is just one part of an animal’s reproductive strategy. The proportion of the egg to the mother’s body weight is also important. For example, the kiwi, a much smaller bird than the ostrich, lays an egg that is a much larger percentage of its body weight. This reflects the different needs and challenges faced by different bird species.

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