Published September 13, 2023 | Animal Knowledge, Animals

Who here has heard of coatis? If you haven’t, don’t worry, we’re going to talk about this incredibly cute animal! Seriously, coatis are members of the raccoon family with their own unique style, and they’ll definitely make you go “aww.” Let’s dive in!

Let’s Get Acquainted with Coatis

Coatis, sometimes called coatimundis or tepezcuintles, are native American animals belonging to the Procyonidae family, the same family as raccoons. They have a face you just can’t ignore. They have a slender body with a super adorable long tail.

coati at Taman Safari Bali
source: wikipedia

Coatis are often called “ring-tailed coatis” because their tails look a bit like rings. When they move, especially when they’re foraging for food, they look comical and irresistibly cute. They are experts at grabbing people’s attention with their adorable antics!

A Heart-Melting Appearance from Coati

The appearance of coatis is absolutely adorable! They have a long nose that they can move nimbly, somewhat like an elephant but in miniature size. Coatis usually have brown or pinkish fur with white stripes on their backs. And, of course, they have incredibly cute eyes that will make you want to pinch their cheeks!

An Exciting Lifestyle

Coatis are very active animals. They love exploring the forest and searching for food, which typically includes fruits, insects, eggs, and even small creatures like frogs and mice. They also have strong legs and claws that make it easy for them to climb trees and find food up high.

Social Groups

Coatis are social creatures that like to gather in groups. They are often seen in groups known as “bands,” which can range from a few individuals to dozens of coatis. They sleep, eat, and play together, and their communication among themselves is quite fascinating!

Thinking of Keeping a Coati?

Well, for those who love exotic animals, the idea of having a coati as a pet can be tempting. However, it’s important to remember that they’re not your typical pets. Make sure you have enough knowledge about their needs and the laws regarding the ownership of exotic animals in your area before deciding to have a coati as a pet.

So, that’s a little info about coatis, the cute members of the raccoon family! If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see coatis in the wild, you’re truly fortunate, as you get to enjoy the charm of these adorable creatures. And one more thing, always respect their presence and natural habitat.