Still remember Bonbon? The orangutan that was rescued by Bali Safari from illegal trafficking by irresponsible parties. Let’s take a flashback of Bonbon’s story, our beloved friend, in this article!

The orangutan population is declining due to habitat destruction and poaching. Many mother orangutans are hunted to obtain their babies for the exotic pet trade. One heartbreaking case was the failed smuggling attempt involving a two-year-old orangutan baby in Bali that shocked the world. On Friday, March 22, 2019, authorities intercepted the baby orangutan at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali. The preparedness and actions of airport officials and the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) thwarted the smuggling attempt.

Bonbon’s Journey at Taman Safari Bali

Bali Safari Park, as a conservation institution, has a strong commitment to wildlife preservation. While waiting for the investigation and legal process to conclude, the BKSDA placed an orangutan named Bonbon at Taman Safari Bali for care. Since then, he has been with us at Bali Safari, recovering from his ordeal with the help of dedicated veterinarians and keepers. He grew into a mischievous little ambassador for all wild orangutans. Bonbon endeared himself to many of you while playing with our other young orangutans, George and Cherry.

But the time has come to say goodbye. We’re sad to witness his departure, but we’re excited about his future and the new opportunities ahead. Bonbon must continue his journey to go to “school,” where he will learn a lot about his habitat. In that place, instructors will teach him to adapt to his surroundings and he will eventually learn to find food for himself. In the end, Bonbon will be ready to thrive in the wild, his natural habitat, without confusion.

The Release of This Orangutan Into The Wild

On December 17th, we brought Bonbon back to his natural habitat in Sumatra with the hope of releasing him into the wild. The Bali Safari team made this decision, deeming Bonbon ready to return to the wild. With mixed feelings of pride and emotion, they released Bonbon into his natural habitat. This victory isn’t just for Bonbon, but also an achievement for the preservation of wildlife and the balance of nature.

Since then, Bonbon has been living freely in the forest, experiencing the natural life he deserves. Observation and monitoring are carried out to ensure his successful adaptation and integration into the surrounding environment.

Support for the Successful Release

Bonbon’s release wasn’t an easy journey. However, thanks to the close collaboration between Taman Safari Bali, conservation teams, and relevant parties, the release was successful. Post-release monitoring and assistance continue to ensure Bonbon’s smooth adaptation.

Taman Safari Bali actively supports Bonbon’s release and ensures that all steps taken align with the goal of preserving wildlife. This release serves as an inspirational example of how conservation efforts and care for wildlife can lead to positive change.

From 2019 until now, Bonbon has become a symbol of hope. His story is proof that with collective effort, we can give second chances to vulnerable creatures in the wild. Let’s continue to support conservation efforts and create a better future for all creatures on Earth. You can join with Bali Safari, the best zoo in Asia!