Published February 14, 2020 | Activities, Conservation, Environment

beach clean up program bali safari

Bali Safari Park Conducts Beach Clean Up Program; Bali has always been known for its serene, panoramic beaches that have attracted countless visitors from around the world, counting both domestic and international visitors. However, the conditions on those beaches have been threatened by the increase in debris and contaminants along the coastline. If left unresolved, the once beautiful beaches of Bali will gradually degrade and lose their integrity as an icon of Bali.

Furthermore, the beach and oceans are an integral components of the habitats of countless marine biota. As one of the largest conservational institutions on the island, Bali Safari and Marine Park are committed to contributing anything necessary to its preservation.

In the “Team up to Clean up” campaign, that was held on Friday, January 31st, 2020, Bali Safari Park has invited all of its staff members, along with the schools and people in the surrounding village of Medahan to participate in the clean up of Cucukan Beach, located in Gianyar. We believe that collaborating with the community is the best approach to raising awareness for our beaches and oceans.


beach clean up program

This activity will serve as the initial campaign conducted by Bali Safari and Marine Park to raise awareness and conservation for the environment. There will be future campaigns conducted on different beaches all around the island. We hope that this campaign not only helps clean the environment, but also serves as a reminder for everyone that we share this beautiful island of Bali with countless other marine animals that need our help to preserve their home.