Taman Safari Bali is a place of adventure and wonder on the paradise island of Bali. On September 22nd, Taman Safari Bali once again took the spotlight with a unique and special celebration, “Carnaval World Rhino Day,” themed “Magical World Rhino Day” in this cheerful September. This event not only invited visitors to have fun but also aimed to raise awareness about the protection and conservation of wildlife, especially the endangered rhinoceros.

The Magical Rhino Parade

The event kicked off at the Petting Zoo area, where visitors could interact with friendly small animals. However, the real highlight came from Ganesha Courth, where a breathtaking parade from Taman Safari Bali took over the streets. The event began with a grand parade led by Taman Safari Bali. In this parade, a large rhino statue was celebrated with enthusiasm. Students from ISI Denpasar, members of Putera Remaja Bali, and artists from Sanggar Paripurna joined the parade wearing spectacular traditional costumes. They proudly walked alongside the large rhino statues, creating a captivating atmosphere and uniting the community.

However, the main attraction wasn’t just the parade but also the incredibly enchanting acrobatic show. The collaboration of the acrobatic show with Carnaval World Rhino Day successfully mesmerized the audience with graceful and powerful movements, reminding us of the beauty of nature and the need to protect wildlife.

Exciting Special World Rhino Day Competitions

There are 3 exciting competitions were held during this event:

  • Online Coloring: This competition was participated in by children aged 5 to 12. Their participation added to the spectacle of the event.
  • Rhino Photo Competition: Photography enthusiasts participated in this competition by capturing impressive photos of rhinos at Bali Safari. This was a great way to appreciate the beauty of these creatures and contribute to awareness of their preservation.
  • Costume Competition: The event was also enlivened by a costume competition participated in by children aged 5 to 12. They showcased their creativity by designing fascinating costumes, providing an opportunity for creative expression.

Support from Various Parties

This event became even more special with the presence of Putri Indonesia, Laksmi, who delivered an inspiring speech about the importance of protecting wildlife and preserving biodiversity. Her presence inspired everyone to play a role in conserving nature and the creatures that need protection, especially the rhinoceros. The Red Carpet Modeling team also participated in this vibrant event, with judges evaluating the participants of the Costume Competition. This was an eagerly awaited moment for participants competing to create the best rhino-inspired costumes.

This event would not have run smoothly without the support of various renowned brands. Some sponsors included Safari Wonders, Sriwijaya Camera, Bali News, HMP Mode, Red Carpet Modelling, Pancer Langit, Putera Remaja Bali, Sanggar Paripurna, Emina, McD, Travel Treasures, Gramedia, and Bali Hai, who together created an unforgettable experience.

Carnaval World Rhino Day at Taman Safari Bali is a magical celebration that combines entertainment, education, and environmental awareness. This event, with its grand parade, mesmerizing acrobatic performances, exciting competitions, and strong support from various brands, unites the community in efforts to protect rhinoceros and wildlife. May celebrations like this continue to inspire us to care for animals and our planet more effectively.