Have you ever seen pelicans? Pelicans (genus Pelecanus) are a type of large water bird that has a pouch under its beak. See more about this bird through the articles!


Pelican is a migratory bird from the Australian continent. When entering winter, they will fly to the northern hemisphere to find food and breed. In Indonesia, this bird are spread across the islands of Java, Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua.

Let's meet the Pelicans at Bali Safari Park
Bali Safari Water Bird

This species exists in the territory of Indonesia as Native Non Breeding. In general, pelicans are found in groups. But sometimes also in pairs or alone. Its habitat likes areas in fresh and salt water, lakes and rivers.


This bird has large physical characteristics with a body length of up to 106 cm! Body weight between 4-13 kg with a wingspan of more than 2 meters. They have a life span of about 15-25 years.

Pelicans Habitat
Pelicans Habitat in Bali Safari Park

Dominated by white fur, the rest is black. This bird have a brown irises, with dim blue legs , the color of the beak is pink or yellow with a beak pouch. Their beaks are the largest of all bird groups in the world. The function of the beak is to find fish.


The main feed of this bird is fish. This bird looks for feed by dipping its head while swimming above the surface of the water. These birds work in groups by forming lines to herd fish into shallow places. Sometimes these birds are also found looking for feed alone.


Pelicans start breeding at the age of two or three. The breeding season varies, occurring in winter, tropics and spring in southern Australia.

Pelicans Family
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The breeding can occur any time after rainfall in inland areas. When breeding, they usually lay 1-4 eggs at a time, white the incubation period of 32-35 days. Young pelicans become adults at around three months of age.

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