Published June 18, 2021 | Activities, Animals, Elephant, Lions, Tigers, Wildlife

When the sun goes down, it’s not the end of the show — the real show has just begun! The Night Safari is a special addition to our existing safari tour packages, which give you a peak at the night life of your favorite animals. The Night Safari consists of a walking tour and a journey tour — you get to ride a special caged tram and have the chance to feed our planet’s wildest carnivores. Here are some of our stars of the night!

In the walking tour you get to meet…


binturong animal in safari night

This one animal looks like a combined mutation of various animals, and is commonly known as the bearcat. But it’s neither a bear, nor a cat, nor is it a rodent. It’s more related to the red panda, actually. It plays a crucial role in spreading the seeds of plants in the tropical rainforest ecosystem.


komodo dragon animal

The largest and heaviest lizard on Earth can’t be found anywhere else in the wild, but (you guessed it) in Komodo Island, Indonesia. It may look like a lazy lumbering reptile, but once it finds its prey, it can run at 20 km/h, swim and climb trees and rocks. If you meet a hungry one, pray that it doesn’t see you, because you can’t run or hide from it!



They may be cute, but unfortunately you can’t hug them. Its 30 cm long spines are excellent defensive features that deter even lions and snakes. The porcupine can live in a variety of terrain, in many parts of the world. Aren’t they a hardy little fella?

In the Journey tour, you get to meet…


tiger in bali safari night

Who doesn’t love the tiger? Not only are they fierce, strong hunters, they also have a beautiful coat for camouflage and stalking prey. They have been known to eat crocodiles and pythons, and can hunt down prey in water until it strikes for the kill. Get a chance to feed them in the Journey tour!


lion animal in bali safari night

The king of the jungle, and one of the big cats of Africa! Did you know that the mane (the fur that grows around the neck of male lions) is sort of like a status symbol for lions? The longer and darker the mane, the older and more cubs the lion has. A weaker lion will have its mane damaged from fighting against stronger lions.


elephants empathy

The largest land mammal in the world is not only strong, but also intelligent and empathetic. It is true they have an excellent memory, and strong bonds with other members in the pack. When they feel threatened, the adults will surround the calves, sacrificing their lives to save their future generation.



The tallest mammal on Earth has a height of 6 meters. They might look defenseless, but their kick is lethal for predators. They can also run at 55 km/h, faster than a person riding a bicycle! Giraffes sleep while standing, because they are at their most vulnerable when lying down.



This African cattle is famed for its extremely large horns, measuring up to 1.5 m each.  They are domesticated cattle with a history of living alongside human beings long before the age of Ancient Egypt. Today they are still bred for milk by traditional nomadic pastoralists in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

Join the adventure and see these amazing animals in a different light. Night Safari is a unique way to experience Bali Safari Park. When the tour is over, don’t go home and sleep — join us for a BBQ Dinner at Nkuchiro Restaurant, and watch our fire dance shows Afrika! and Rhythm of Fire. The Night Safari is included in the complete accommodation package at Mara River Safari Lodge. Don’t miss out when the lights are out!