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There are still parts of the Earth that have not been touched by humans. One of that is difficult to study is the cave. Now we will discuss the animals in the cave!

Animals that live in caves are known as troglobites, troglophiles, and trogloxenes. Which animals are classified as troglobites, troglophiles, and trogloxene? Let’s find it out together!


Troglobites are tiny creatures that have adapted to a permanent life in caves. More than 7700 troglobite species have been discovered. Some of the most well-known types of troglobites are spiders, beetles, gastropods, fish, millipedes and salamanders.

Animal In The Cave
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They are so well to adapt in caves that they cannot survive in a surface environment. To survive in the dark, troglobites have highly developed senses of hearing, touch and smell. Their diet may include; small pieces of plant debris carried into the cave by running water, bacteria and plankton that live in the cave waters.


Troglophiles are animals that spend part or all of their live in caves. This animals are able to survive outside the cave in a suitable environment.

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They don’t lose their eyesight or their pigment. Some troglophiles may have reduced visual ability or partial pigmentation. If their descendants lived in caves long enough, they adapted to troglobites. Troglophiles include beetles, worms, frogs, salamanders, crickets and even some crustaceans like crayfish.


Trogloxenes are the type of cave animal most people are familiar with. They are temporary cave dwellers who are free to go in and out of the cave. Trogloxenes seek such habitat from a selection, and never complete their entire life cycle in the cave.

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Some species prefer the constant temperature of a cave to hibernate and give birth to their young. Bats, bears, skunks, moths and humans are examples of trogloxenes. Humans might not be considered trogloxense today, but many thousands of years ago humans used caves as shelters.

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