There’s an odd little creature that native to Central and South America, and even Southeast Asia. Known as their snout and pig-like, they currently on the watch-list due to being hunted for its meat and hides. What kind of animal is it? Well, they are known as the Tapir!

malayan tapir bali safari

There are a total of 4 types of them in the world, one of it is Malayan Tapir which you can see in Bali Safari Park. Through World Tapir Day, lets raise awareness about this animal and help to protect them!

History of World Tapir Day

World Tapir Day was established with the intent of protecting this endangered species from extinction. If we preserve them well, it doesn’t rule out the possibility that they might still be here for future generations.

Inhabit the area of forest and jungle, makes them particularly vulnerable to deforestation, especially as large herbivores. The dangers of their extinction not only causing the loss of another species, but also endanger the entire remaining forests. It is because of their behavior to disperse seeds throughout the jungle, which has very important role for forest regeneration.


Beside, many people are still unaware of Tapir as a species and frequently mistake them for members of another species. That means they are losing a special part of the world without ever knowing they exist. This is also problem so World Tapir Day purpose is to help raise world awareness of this species.

How to Celebrate

Interpreting from the purpose of the day, we can do something in many ways for the sake of the Tapir. It can be as simple as learning about them through book, internet or communities. You also can do the donation funds and visit the conservation institution such as Bali Safari Park.


By participate into it, it means you are being responsible for the the animal welfare. As in Bali Safari Park, we celebrate it by giving them an enrichment their like through the day.

Hence, we hope people can be more aware of the importance of the wildlifeS for the balance of the nature. Happy World Tapir Day!