Published August 8, 2023 | Activities, Celebrate, Elephant, Family

August has arrived, and a jubilant atmosphere envelopes Taman Safari Bali, one of the most breathtaking safaris in Asia.

Welcome to “Safari Merdeka,” an exhibition event that offers an unparalleled experience, uniting excitement, nature preservation, and love for wildlife. Meaningful events are organized to appreciate biodiversity and address crucial conservation issues. Let’s explore this article to discover the exciting lineup of events at Taman Safari Bali during our independence month!

Safari Merdeka Program

Safari merdeka celebrating Indonesian Independence day

World Elephant Day

On August 12, we celebrate World Elephant Day to honor the grandeur and significance of elephants in the ecosystem. Additionally World Elephant Day is the perfect time to plan enjoyable, educational, and action-oriented activities showcasing wildlife and their habitats, highlighting the importance of elephant species. The event involves children and visitors in various enriching activities. Other engaging activities raise awareness about elephant conservation and efforts to protect them from threats.

Action Indonesia Day Satwa GSMP (Ranger Station)

On August 13, Bali Safari will celebrate Action Indonesia Day Satwa GSMP. It’s the right moment to plan enjoyable, educational, and environment-oriented activities that emphasize the importance of Indonesia’s endemic species, such as anoa, babi rusa, Sumatran tigers, and Javan banteng. The ranger station uses as a platform for wildlife education.

Various exciting activities are held during this event. Moreover, supported by this event and together with Bali Safari, let’s show more care for these endemic species. They deserve a better future.

Safari Merdeka (Joyous Freedom) Express Your Self 2023

The long-awaited moment, celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17, is celebrated together with Bali Safari. Independence Day is a festive occasion for Indonesian people. Bali Safari Park will hold “It’s August! Express Yourself,” as a form of participation in enlivening the celebration of the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence, which will be held on August 17, 2023. This activity will feature Bali comedians, fun games, live music, and a mascot to entertain and engage visitors of Bali Safari and Mara River Safari Lodge. Visitors can additionally take photos with our mascot, the lion.

International Orangutan Day with CSR Program

Bali Safari’s last event in August is International Orangutan Day on August 19. International Orangutan Day is an opportune time to plan fun and educational activities that emphasize the importance of orangutans and their habitats, conducted by the Youth Community through various enrichment activities and safari journeys. These actions will undoubtedly raise awareness and foster unity in preserving the critically endangered orangutan habitat.

August with Taman Safari Bali

Safari Merdeka (Joyous Freedom) in August is an event that brings forth vibrancy, joy, and collective responsibility. With the participation of everyone, both visitors and organizers, we hope to forge strong bonds in supporting nature conservation and advocating for the significance of wildlife preservation.

Come and join in this spirited celebration of wildlife at the best Asian safari destination. Together, we will express our love for animals, voice conservation issues, and celebrate the beauty of nature in the spirit of freedom. Safari Merdeka (Joyous Freedom) 2023 is eagerly awaiting your arrival!