Published May 26, 2022 | Activities, Environment, Family, Love, Travel Tips, Wildlife

Heading to Bali and looking for an adventurous day trip? A must thing to do on firsthand is to experience Balinese culture and traditional activities.

Balinese customs, as one of the authentic daily habits of Balinese people, can be impressive things to learn! As a traveler, it can help us understand better the differences between cultures and ethnicities.

Do you need a complete package to learn Balinese culture as well as looking for the best safari adventure? – No need to go to the native village because Bali Safari Park is the best choice for you!

On 27th May 2022 (surely can be extended!), we welcome you to Peken Bali, or Balinese Traditional Market.

Let’s take a look together at the native villager’s activities you can see there!

Balinese Dance & Barong Bangkung

The first one you can see or even learn together is the famous Balinese Dance. You can learn the ancient dance tradition that is part of the religious and artistic expression among the Balinese people.

peken bali safari balinese traditional activities

As a great richness of dance form, those ritualistic dance dramas also involved The Barong Bangkung. Interpreted as great beast Barong, this sacred dance is usually used to ward off the plague somewhere.


The next Balinese routine activity is Mejejaitan, or making a ceremonial offerings for the religious purposes such as Canang Sari. The material consists of slepan (old coconut leaves), busung (young coconut leaves), and semat (small sliced bamboo).

Sabung Ayam (Tajen)

peken bali safari balinese traditional activities

Tajen – or cockfights, which are necessary for the purpose of religious ritual. Usually required at the temple, the blood of the loser which spills on the ground will be offered to the evil spirits. However, in Bali Safari Park, the cocks are only used for traditional samples and not for real fights.


Gamelan Rindik is the musical instrument of the relaxing folk-song repertoire for the essence of tranquility. Usually played by two people, this ethnicity will make you calm and feel more like you are in a real Balinese village!


The various parade will welcome you as well to liven up the feasts. One of them is Gebogan Parade where women walk while carrying Gebogan on their heads. Gebogan is one of the Hindu Balinese offerings in the form of local fruits, arranged horizontally and neatly dedicated for ceremonial purposes.

Bali traditional activities at Bali Safari

Not only that but there are also various animals you can meet such as elephants and dogs during the parade.

Do the Peken Bali activities satisfy your curiosity about the acculturation of Balinese traditional activities and wildlife? Make your agenda to Bali Safari Park!