The Allure of Orangutans

Orangutans are creatures that capture the attention of many due to their behaviors and traits that closely resemble those of humans. They exhibit high levels of intelligence and problem-solving abilities, including tool usage for foraging and nest-building. Orangutans also have complex social lives, featuring family structures and intricate interpersonal interactions.

The large primate species known as orangutans are exclusively found on two islands worldwide, namely Sumatra, Indonesia, and Borneo (Kalimantan), Indonesia and Malaysia. There are two main orangutan species: the Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo abelii) and the Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus). The IUCN Red List has listed both species as Critically Endangered, indicating a very high risk of extinction.

Spesial Activities Orangutan Day

Every year, World Orangutan Day is celebrated by Taman Safari Bali with enthusiasm and an awareness of the necessity for the conservation of this species. The event emphasizes orangutan conservation and offers visitors unique experiences through special activities. The remarkable lineup for World Orangutan Day at Bali Safari includes a safari journey and direct interactions with orangutans.

The event lineup includes activities such as the Safari Journey, Orangutan Enrichment with Ranger Talk, and special orangutan-themed souvenirs.

World Orangutan Day celebration begins with the remarkable Safari Journey, inviting visitors to explore habitats resembling original wildlife environments. As the safari unfolds, visitors will observe wild animals, including orangutans, interacting in environments that closely resemble their natural conditions.

The next event in the lineup is the “Orangutan Enrichment with Ranger Talk.” Direct interactions between expert rangers and orangutans engaging in activities that provide various forms of mental and physical stimulation can be witnessed by visitors. The rangers explain the significance of enrichment in maintaining the well-being and happiness of orangutans in captivity.

Completing the celebration of World Orangutan Day would involve taking home special memories. Taman Safari Bali offers unique and cute orangutan-themed souvenirs that depict the species. Not only are these souvenirs keepsakes, but they also serve as symbols of support for orangutan conservation efforts and their ecosystem.

Sharing Joy with orphanage children

On World Orangutan Day, Taman Safari Bali organizes a special event where they invite children from the Semara Putra Klungkung orphanage to participate in the orangutan day activities.The aim of these activities is to raise the children’s awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation, particularly for the endangered orangutans. This activity not only teaches children about biodiversity but also provides them with a profound experience of nature and wildlife.

One highlight is preparing food for orangutans. On World Orangutan Day, children take part in making special food. In addition, they learn about orangutans’ wild diet and the importance of healthy nutrition. Moreover, the food preparation process also offers children an opportunity to learn about the diversity of fruits and plants.