Published June 19, 2021 | Animal Knowledge, Animals, Wildlife

Here are some fun facts about Meerkats that will make you want to meet them in person!

Meerkats have been depicted in the movies and in the media as groups of furry mammals that are known to be quirky.

They are in fact highly social and have evolved to survive in the wild by relying on each member of their group.


Facts about Meerkats

What do you call a group of Meerkats?

A group of Meerkats is called a mob, a clan or a gang depending on the amount of individuals that live in the group.

Most Meerkat groups consist of 15-20 individuals, but some super large groups can have up to 50+ members.

Mobs play and ride together

Meerkats find safety in numbers, as evidenced by the sheer number of family members in a group.

However, they also train each other and groom each other (to ensure they’re a tight unit), and need one another for companionship.

They signal danger according to its threat

The species are known to signal danger in one of six ways, depending on the level of the threat.

If the threat is minimal they will whisper or whistle to each other.

But if the danger is life threatening they won’t hesitate to shriek or yell to get back-up from their mob.


Facts About Meerkats at Bali Safari Park

They use their tails for balance when standing up

While standing upright in the morning to absorb the sun and contemplate their lunch plans, Meerkats use their tails to remain stable.

They don’t actually associate with warthogs

Meerkats stick together as a tight unit, with each one having a dedicated role in the mob.

Therefore, they won’t be associating with any warthogs, unlike the fictional Timon in The Lion King.

You can meet, visit the Meerkats and prove this facts about Meerkats here at Bali Safari Park.

Ask our park rangers for directions to the Meerkat exhibit where you can interact with and feed these friendly animals yourself!