Imagine there’s animals that are experts in climbing, more skilled than humans – Called Barbary Sheep or aoudad, these animals are native to rocky mountains in North Africa. Let’s see more facts about them!

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  1. Barbary Sheep (A. lervia) is the only species in the genus Ammotragus.
  2. They have adapted to live in hard areas and can jump up to two meters when climbing up the mountain. Want to prove it? see it in Bali Safari.
  3. Both male and female Barbary sheep have large horns. Male horns being much longer, thicker, and more heavily ridged compared to the female’s more slender horns.
  4. Males are much heavier, and their curtain of hair is heavier, almost touching the ground. Their short tail, hairless on its underside, has scent glands. Adult males weigh as much as 145 kg and adult females weigh 65 kg.
  5. Mating takes place throughout the year, but it mostly occurs from September through November. The gestation lasts approximately 154–161 days. A single offspring is typical, although twins are also common.
  6. An adult male must earn his position heading a group of females by showing the magnificent mane of hair. A fierce fight where two males stand as far as 15 meters apart then walk quickly toward each other, lowering their heads and breaking into a run to collide with each other.
  7. Barbary sheep live in arid environments and acquire much of their water from the plants they eat. However, they will readily drink water if it is available.
  8. Classified as sheep, they are grazers, chewing their cud. They have a four-chambered stomach that allows them to ruminate.
  9. Living in desert areas, these sheep are usually most active during dawn and dusk, trying to remain in the shade or shelter during the day when it is hot.
  10. When threatened, they usually do not run from a predator but stand extremely still so that they blend in with the surroundings.
  11. Barbary sheep populations have declined drastically over much of their native range due to hunting for their skins, meat, and sinew. In some areas where Barbary sheep have been introduced, there is concern that they may compete with the native bighorn sheep for food resources.

In Bali Safari Park, these animals live freely in artificial rock mountains that are similar to their natural habitat. Let’s start learn more about them, see this animals with your own eyes in Bali Safari!