Breakfast with The Lions - Bali Safari Park

A unique dining experience you can’t find anywhere else in Bali where you get to dine while witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat. Tsavo Lion Restaurant is the first African-themed restaurant in Asia that allows you to dine with the majestic pride of lions.

Breakfast can be enjoyed from 9 AM. You need to buy the entrance ticket first, then go to Tsavo Lion Restaurant. We served Indonesian and Western menus with good taste and quality and surely will lift your mood. Nothing can beat the view of the king of the jungle having their breakfast while you have yours.

Enjoy Breakfast at Tsavo Lion Restaurant

While enjoy a five-star meals in Tsavo Lion Restaurant, you can observe closely how lions socialize with each other. It’s a rare sight for sure, so don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the unique personalities of each king of the jungle. Read more

Breakfast Experience