Published 9月 2, 2022 | Activities, Travel Tips

At Bali Safari Park, you won’t only experiencing the adventure safari on bus, but try the sensation of feeding animal closer as well! – With a variety of top up animal feeding avail, it will add your excitement so let’s healing in safari.

What Animals To Feed

Fishes, Koi & Piranha Feeding

The fishes that are often found almost in every spot are waiting to get feed by you! It can’t be complete if you haven’t try the experience feeding these fishes at Bali Safari Park.

Fishes Feeding activities can be enjoyed start from 10.00 to 16.00 at Petting Zoo Area. In addition, there is Koi Feeding which can be done from 13.00-15.30 worth IDR 30,000 in front of Uma Restaurant. Feel the unique way of feeding them by a bottle feeder!

Koi fish feeding at Bali Safari Park

Want something more challenging? Piranha Feeding is the best choice that can’t be missed! Located at the Fresh Water Aquarium, this must try activity avail every 10.00-12.00 & 13.00-16.00 for only IDR 70,000/2 baits!

Croc Feeding

Have you ever fed a giant reptile crocodile before? If not, now is your chance to feed this wild animal.

Feed the crocodile only at Bali Safari Park

Located in the Banyan Court area, try the thrilling Croc Feeding activity every Thursday-Sunday at 13.00-16.00 for only IDR 70,000/slot. Let’s make an unforgettable experience with these wildlife!

Elephant Feeding

Do you know that the Sumatran elephant is an endemic species of Indonesia that is threaten with extinction? Bali Safari Park, as the largest conservation institution in Bali, has succeeded in breeding this proboscis animal.

top up elephant feeding

You can see these animals in the Kampung Gajah area or while on Safari Journey. More of that, don’t miss the chance for Elephant Feeding activity start at 10.00-16.00 at Kampung Gajah, and 14.00-15.00 at Elephant Bathing area. By only spending IDR 40,000/basket, you can feed and play with these big animals.

White Tiger Feeding

now you can feed the tigers at Bali Safari park

The White Tiger is endanger animal because its population continues to decline. Very fond of meat, these animals are the highest predators in the wild.

Try the exciting experience of feeding the White Tiger at the Rathambore Area. By doing a top up of IDR 130,000, you can feed them start at 12.00-15.00.

Meerkat & Giraffe Feeding

meerkat feeding Bali Safari Park

Live in groups known as Mob, Meerkat are mammals that endemic to Africa. Located at Nkuchiro area, Meerkat Feeding activities can be done at 11.00-15.00 with the price IDR 100,000/slot. Let’s interact and feed this cute animal at the same time!

Experience giraffe feeding at Bali Safari Park

While you get immersed by African vibes, feel free to interact with the giraffe as well. Who doesn’t know about these tallest animal in the world? By feed them up close at 11.00-15.00 with only IDR 175,000, give them their favorite foods like onion & apples neck to neck!

Add Bali Safari Park to your agenda and feel the sensation of feeding animal for unforgettable memories. Get the ticket immediately!