The Private Safari 冒险!

Take a close view of real wildlife in one of the biggest Safari parks in Asia on this 4x4 Jeep Safari adventure. Get acquainted with our animals where you get to feed them straight from your hand! While you are on the Jeep, you can feed our animals along the way. Fell an intimate experience by feeding on our Zebra, Elephant, Watusi, and others. Enjoy also a private family tour to home of the predators such as 老虎 , lion.


4x4 Jeep Safari 包裹


在这次私人冒险中,直接从特别装备的 4x4 车辆内近距离观察真正的野生动物。 熟悉我们的动物,您可以直接从手中喂养它们!


You will see...

Bali Safari 4x4 vehicle
Safari adventure with 4x4 vehicle at Bali Safari Park