A Little Fact About Pangolins

Pangolins having a unique behaviour our rolling up into a tight ball when afraid, which helps to protect their soft underbelly and vulnerable parts. There are eight species of pangolins, four of which are found in Asia and four in Africa.

What is Pangolin Day?

World Pangolin Day is an annual event celebrate on the third Saturday of February to raise awareness about this animal and their conservation. It is a day to recognize the importance of these unique and endangered animals. We need to take action to protect them. Pangolins are scaly, ant-eating mammals find in Asia and Africa. That are highly value for their meat and scales, further more which are use in traditional medicine. In addition, they are heavily hunted and have become the most trafficked mammal in the world.

Why We Celebrate Pangolin Day?

Celebrate Pangolins Day with Bali Safari Park
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  1. To raise awareness: Pangolins are one of the most trafficked mammals in the world. Yet many people are not aware of where they are or the challenges they face. World Pangolin Day provides an opportunity to draw attention to pangolins. As well as to educate the public about this unique and endangered animal.
  2. To promote conservation: Pangolins are under threat from habitat destruction, hunting, and illegal trade in their parts. World Pangolin Day provides a platform to highlight the equally importance of protecting pangolins and their habitats and to promote conservation efforts.
  3. To show support: World Pangolin Day is a day for people to come together to show their support for pangolins and their conservation. It provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations. Equally important for governments to work together to protect these animals and their habitats.
  4. To inspire action: World Pangolin Day is a call to action, encouraging people to take steps to protect pangolins and their habitats. This can include supporting conservation organizations, advocating for stronger laws and enforcement, in addition spreading awareness about the challenges facing pangolins.

World Pangolin Day is an important opportunity to raise awareness. in addition promoting conservation is very important, to showing support. With today’s commemoration. Bali Safari Park hopes to inspire people to protect these unique and endangered animals.