Did you know nearly 1 in 3 parrot species are threatened in the wild? It is due to habitat loss, trapping for the pet trade, and other human-generated threats.


What should we do to protect and prevent them from extinction? – Through World Parrot Day, let’s find a way and vocalize the importance of this stunning birds throughout the world!

What is World Parrot Day?

World Parrot Day was established in 2004 by the World Parrot Trust (WPT). Every May 31, we celebrate the day to highlight the threats their face in the wild.


Currently, 111 out of 398 species of parrots are endangered according to IUCN Redlist. Nearly 2 million parrots are traded on the world market due to human greed. If this keeps happening, in the future we will no longer be able to see them in the wild. You certainly don’t want this to happen, do you?

On the first World Parrot Day, The WPT Community submitted a petition asking the European Union to ban the illegal trade in birds, especially parrots. Since then, starting in 2006, concrete preventive measures are still ongoing up to now.


How To Celebrate

The day is the right time to do some action and effort to protect them, you and I can participate too! It can be as simple as planting and maintaining trees to maintain their natural habitat. You also can learn about them by visiting animal conservation such as the Bali Safari Park.


In Bali Safari Park, we are trying to care by conserve them so this birds still can be seen in the future. By give them enrichment like a food that is put in an accessible container. This enrichment is useful for stimulating activity and creativity so that they do not lose their natural instincts.

Let’s complete our mission to protect the parrots and don’t let it stopin you. Happy World Parrot day!